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  • Announcing 2015 Big 50 – Adirondacks Hike & Canoe Aug. 21 – 30
    To Troop 43 Scouts:

    Based on the recommendation of the PLC, our Big 50 this year will be in Adirondack Park, New York August 21 – 30.  There is more information in the attached flyer, but the short story is that we will be hiking, rock climbing and canoeing in and around Saranac Lake, NY.  It should be a great experience.

    Groups are limited to 12, and we will probably take 3 adults.  That means 9 Scouts per group.  If we have a good response, we can think about running two groups.

    The Big 50 is a strenuous event, and Scouts (and adults) will be expected to be able to canoe and carry at 35 -50 pound pack over rough terrain for a week.  Therefore, only Scouts 13 and above who are physically able to do this will be accepted.

    Since space may be limited, we will allocate openings based on (i) age, (ii) Troop participation, and (iii) speed of response.  Once we have gauged interest, we will have an informational meeting with Scouts and parents.  You can indicate interest by replying to me.

    We are looking forward to a great trip!

    Mr. Sullivan

  • Whitewater Rafting May 2015

    Dear Scouts, Parents and Adult Leaders:

    It’s time to get ready for the next Troop 43 adventure – a camping and whitewater rafting trip on the Lehigh River,which the Troop has enjoyed before..
    This trip will be the weekend of May 15th – 17th with the rafting itself occurring on Saturday May 16th (a dam-release day that will guarantee a strong river!).
    The cost will be $124/Scout and $84/Adult, which includes: rafting trip; wet-suit; Saturday box lunch (turkey or cheese sandwich, etc.); 2 nites of on-site camping fees; and the Troop 43 food budget.

    We will be doing Whitewater Challenger’s “Trip 3” which will take up most of Saturday, including 3 ½ – 4 ½ hours on the river, and go through several Class II and III rapids.   For more information and answers to F.A.Q’s., please see
    The hard-deadline for sign-up is April 27th . . . After that, there are no refunds from WhiteWater Challengers.

    We will meet and leave from Mapleton Nurseries (140 Mapleton Road, Kingston, NJ) as close to 5PM on Friday as possible, so we can arrive and set-up while there is still light.
    You will be assigned a car to travel to Weatherly, PA (eating a bagged dinner that you will bring, in the car on the way) and then setup camp for that evening.  We’ll wake up early on Saturday for the rafting and then have a more relaxed late-afternoon and evening.
    Except for our dinner on Friday evening and the boxed lunch on Saturday, we will be purchasing, packing and preparing our own meals.

    On Sunday, we will pack up and return to Mapleton by Noon, where we will re-store our Troop gear.  Patrols will assign cleaning duties.
    HERE ARE REQUIRED ITEMS FOR EACH SCOUT (and/or his PARENT/GUARDIAN) TO COMPLETE (all3 items must be given toDoug Rubin by May 2nd):


    2) A TROOP 43 PERMISSION SLIP: (attached)


    As a courtesy, please let me know as soon as possible whether you are likely or definitely planning to come.
    April 27th is our hard-deadline as we may not change our reservations or get credit for cancellations afterwards.  Thanks.

    If you are an Adult leader (and are Youth Protection Trained, and) and want to come, let me know how much room you might have in your automobile.
    Rides and adult supervision will be needed and requires your help in advance!

    Everyone, who has NOT attended Resica Falls last summer, will have to pass their BSA Swim Test, which will be administered by Matthew Freedman at the Princeton Y.

    The weather in early May is highly variable, so one should plan for both brilliant sunshine as well as cold/rainy weather.  Be prepared!

    Please review the website for the packing checklist found under the “Scouts” tab.

    More specific instructions for packing for whitewater rafting as well as driving directions will go out later as we get sign-ups.
    Doug Rubin

  • MAD (Mercer Area District) Camporee Apr 24 – 26

    Event and registration details:

    The MAD (Mercer Area District) Camporee is scheduled for April 24-46.  Camping will be at Ockanickon Scout Reservation in Pipersville, PA.   The cost is $48 (food and registration) with checks made out to Princeton Troop 43.

    The primary themes of the event are weather hazards and what to do in emergencies when normal communications and services are not available.  See link to the event flyer for more details (cut and paste link if necessary).

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