Church Rules

Guidelines for Troop 43

Nassau Presbyterian Church

1. Generally speaking, as guests of the church, all rooms must be left in excellent condition. Assembly Room tables and chairs must be returned to original positions or to the pre-arranged set up for next day church usage. Floors should be picked up and swept or vacuumed if necessary. The kitchen needs to be checked, nothing should be left behind.

2. Lights should be turned off.

3. Bathroom sinks, stalls and floors need to be checked before leaving to make sure they are in good condition, lights turned off.

4. The Sanctuary needs to be carefully checked to see that everything is left as it was found and that nothing has been left behind. Check contribution envelopes for errant doodling.

5. The scoutmaster has been entrusted with a set of keys for the church. It is imperative that any room that has been unlocked is locked, especially both doors to the sanctuary as well as all outside access doors to the church. The church must be secure before leaving.

6. Do not leave any open windows.

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