Permission Slip

Please use ‘Print Page’ link in the footer to print this form, or use the PDF attachment below if you need to send it around, and fill in specific information for the trip.

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Troop 43 Permission Slip

As the parent or legal guardian of
I hereby give my permission for this child to participate in an outing with Troop 43.


Departure Time:                                    Date: __/__/__

Return Time:                                         Date: __/__/__

I give permission to the leaders of the above unit to render First Aid, should the need arise. In the event of an emergency, I also give permission to the physician, selected by the adult leader in charge, to hospitalize, secure proper anesthesia, order injection, or secure other medical treatment, as needed. I further agree to hold the above named unit and its leaders blameless for any accidents that might occur during this outing except for clear acts of negligence or non-adherence to BSA policies and guidelines.
In case of emergency, I can be reached by phone at


If I cannot be reached,
please contact_________________________________________________



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