Ryan’s Wood Duck Relief

The goal of my project is to build 15 wood duck nesting boxes and install them in Rosedale Park, Lawrence Township, along the Stony Brook a major tributary of the Millstone. I will supervise the installation of the wood duck boxes along the bank of the Stony Brook in a secluded area near the waters edge. Each wood duck box will need to be separated by 600 yards from the next closest wood duck box. The boxes will be made out of Cedar wood. The boxes will be installed off the ground attached to a steel pipe. The boxes will be placed at least four feet above the water level. Each box will have clear flight path for the hen wood duck. Each box will have a metal predator guard, which will be placed six to twelve inches below the bottom of the box. This will function to keep predators, such as raccoons from reaching the ducklings inside the box. I have researched the best placement for success. Lawrenceville township would benefit because the residents will have the ability to see a flourishing wood duck population in their area. The wood ducks would also benefit since it would be easier for them to find a proper shelter near water to nest and ensure safety of the chicks. The wood duck is one of most beautiful of our local waterfowl.
Work Sessions:
Session 1 & 2-
Construction Phase

Session 1- 6/14

 Worker’s Name  Sign in Sign Out  Job
 Yasin  3:30 5:35 Build Boxes
 Imtiaz  3:30 5:35 Build Boxes
 Micheal  3:30 5:32 Build Boxes
 Dylan  3:30 5:32 Build Boxes
 Denise  3:30 5:32 Build Boxes
 Lauren 3:50 5:32 Photographer
 Sidhant 5:15 5:30 Build Boxes

Session 2- 6/16

 Worker’s Name Sign in Sign Out Job
 Denise 10:30 3:30  Set up/ Food
Ryan 10:30 3:30 Instructor
 Dylan 11:30 3:00 Drill helper
 Leo 12:00 2:22 Build Boxes
 Jackson 12:15 2:00 Build Boxes
Stephen 12:15 2:00 Build Boxes
Bruce 12:15 3:30 Sponsor/ Organizer
Sidhant 12:30 2:25 Build Boxes
 Yasin 12:35 2:20 Build Boxes
Lauren 12:40 3:00 Photographer
Elion 12:45 3:00 Build Boxes
Chris 1:00 3:00 Build Boxes
Micheal 1:00 3:00 Build Boxes
Jonathan 1:00 3:00 Build Boxes
Imtiaz 12:35 2:20 Build Boxes
 Aidan 1:36 2:45 Build Boxes
Zakaria 1:37 2:45 Build Boxes
Hamza 1:37 3:00 Build Boxes

Session 3-
Adding Flanges, Box Locks and Engraved Donor Plates

Session 3- 7/21

 Worker’s Name Sign in  Sign Out  Job
 Austin 10:00 1:35 Build Boxes
 Ryan 10:00 2:00 Instructor
 Denise 10:00 2:00 Food/ Clean up
 Dylan 10:55 2:00 Drill Helper
Elian 11:05 12:12 Build Boxes
Charles 11:05 12:12 Build Boxes
Nick 11:05 1:15 Build Boxes
Yasin 11:15 1:00 Build Boxes
Akil 11:15 1:00 Build Boxes
Ellen 11:05 1:20 Build Boxes/ Advisor
 Jackson 11:30 1:35 Build Boxes
Lauren 12:41 1:36 Photographer

Session 4-
Installation Phase

Session 4- 8/12

 Worker’s Name Sign in  Sign Out  Job
Ryan 9:00 1:00 Instructor
Denise 9:00 1:00 Transportation/ Snacks
 Bruce 9:30 12:00 Box Installation
 Lauren 9:30 1:00 Photographer
 Sid 9:30 12:30  Box Installation
 Winston 9:30 12:00 Box Installation
 Nick 10:00 12:00 Box Installation
 Richard 9:30 12:00 Technical Assistance
Session 5-
Installation Phase Part 2


Session 5- /

 Worker’s Name Sign in  Sign Out  Job


Thank you to all the scouts and adults that have helped with my project. -Ryan

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