Alex’s Battlefield Project

Project Overview:

My project is to create a sound recording that gives visitors to Princeton Battlefield new information from the recent research in the Battle of Princeton Mapping Project. The sound recording will include readings from some of the letters and eyewitness accounts in the Mapping Project to give visitors more information about the battle. Since this information is too long to put on the signs that are currently displayed on the battlefield my idea is to make a podcast containing information that could be uploaded to YouTube and accessed by a QR tag by visitors from their smartphones. QR tags are free to generate and are able to be printed on metal signs by sign companies for about $20 each. These signs can then be affixed to existing signs at the Princeton Battlefield.
Existing Signs:
I plan to make a podcast for each of these signs. Each podcast will contain excerpts from the Princeton Battlefield Mapping Project, each of which are relevant to their corresponding signs and provide the listener with new insights into the Battle of Princeton.    
Work Sessions:
I hope to start working on the second weekend in January (the 12th and 13th) 
In the first work sessions we will be working on finishing the scrips for the podcast, and finding the people to be the voices.
Work Session 1/13/13:   
Time Log
Name                                                                                           Time                                                                                                Date
– Philip T
– Jack S
– Max J
– 12:00-2:30
– 1:00-3:00
Our goal for the January 13th work session was to finalize the scrips for the podcasts. First we took all the letters and first hand accounts, that were approved for use by the curator of the Battlefield, Mr Mills and we decided on which ones we would use. Then we picked the excerpts from each letter that had the most relevance to the signs that they will placed next to. We settled on five separate passages, which we then integrated into the four separate podcasts. After we decided on the placement for each quote we then made the introductions and the conclusions for each of the podcasts. We included  relevant background information and good transitions between the passages, in order to make the podcasts as easy to understand and as informative as possible. Philip did research and wrote the majority of the introductions and conclusions. Jack decided on the structure of each of the podcasts and wrote each of the citations and transitions. Max J (a friend of mine) proof read the whole thing, making sure that the information presented was correct and that the podcast would read fluently. At about 1:45 we stopped for lunch, we had a pizza delivered and took a short break, during which we relaxed and watched some TV on my computer. This work session was very successful, we got a lot of good work done and we had some good fun in the process. Now my next step to get the final scrips approved my Mr. Mills, then after that I will do auditions for the voice actors and then finally make the podcasts.
Pictures of 1/13/13 Work session:      
                     * Spot the Cat! 
                    There is a orange cat visible in all but two of the pictures
Work Session Mar 17, 2013
Time Log:
Name                                                                        Time                                                                             Date
Anthony T
Jack S
Johnathan P
Elian R
Nick B
Philip T
4 Hours
2 Hours
2 Hours
1 Hour
2 Hours
4 Hours
    We devoted this Work session to practicing and recording the podcasts. First I staged an audition where I chose the best scout voices for each letter.Then I got other scouts to read the openings and closings of the podcasts, so the the same scout would not read all parts of the podcasts. Once a scout was comfortable with reading their lines they would read it out loud to me and if I though they were ready we would make a recording of their voice. I gave scouts who did not read alternative assignments, like handing out scripts and making last minute changes on the scrips.  
Pictures of Mar 17 2013 Work sessions:
Work Session 7/7/13
Time log
Name                                       Time                                       Date
 Jack S
Nick B
 1 hour
2 hours


This was my final work session on my project and my activity was simple. I got Jack and Nick to listen to each one of the podcasts and then stick each one of them to their respective signs. 
From Trenton to Princeton
Death of General Mercer 
Moulder’s Battery

Date                                              What                                           Hours



Emailing people who are interested in helping with the project and people who have interesting ideas.

– by talking to people I develop an idea, make a plan and get information

2 hours emailing

about a weekend creating, planning and researching my idea


Talking with Religious leader (Barbara Heck)

1 Hour


Emailing Kip Cherry (associated with historical society/ can put me in contact with Curator of Battlefield

1 hour


Meeting with Kip Cherry and Mr Mills (Battlefield Curator)

-Explain Project

-Find from Mills how it would be done (need approval from state)

3 hours


Another meeting with Mr Mills where we discuss the project

-Set on using QR tags

-can put them on signs

-gives me Mapping Project

2 hours


Proposal-First Draft

1 hour


Proposal Revised-Make corrections/changes the proposal and the project itself

2 hours


Prepare to present proposal to the committee

1 hour


Present Proposal to committee

30 min


Make final copy of proposal with Mrs Ryzuk

2 hours


Talk to and get approval from district advisor (Mr Fryer)

1 hour


Discuss podcasts with Mills:

-Their purpose/what they should accomplish

-What they should enclude

-How they should be made

-Signs that should be used

-What parts of the Mapping Project

2 hours


Work with friend, Max J on contents of each podcast

-Went through mapping project finding all material that related to the subjects that the podcasts were about.

Max J: 6 hours

Me: 6 hours


Writing drafts of podcast scripts with Max J

Max J: 5 hours

Me: 5 hours


Run Ideas by Mr Mills:

-provided suggested changes

1 hour


Meet with Mr Mills and get approval for revised script

1 hour


Work with group of scouts on my finishing scripts

-made intros/conclusions

Philip T: 12:00-2:30=2h30m

Jack S:1:00-3:00=2h

Max J:1:30-4:30=3h

Me-3 Hours

Feb 2013

search for voice actors:

-send emails

-talk at meetings

2 hours


Record Podcasts

Anthony T-4 hours

Jack S-2 hours

Jonathan P-2 hours

Elian R-1 hour

Nick B-2 hours

Philip T-4 hours

Me-4 Hours


Editing Podcasts:

Directed my father in making edits to the podcasts. I got my father to teach me his editing skills

Me: 6 hours

Marc: 6 Hours


Sent mother and sister to take pictures of Battlefield (Sister tooks Photography class…used her skills in taking the pictures of the battlefield)

Susanna: 1 Hour

Isabel: 1 hour


Worked with father to make final edits on podcasts. Inserted music and pictures of battlefield

Marc: 2 Hours

Me: 2 Hours


I got a friend of mine who is good with computers to help upload the Podcasts to youtube

Jeremy: 2 hours

Me: 2 hours


Brought Podcasts to Mr Mills for approval.

We discussed how the signs will look/how they will be installed. We settled on 2 by 3 in metal signs that will be installed using an adhesive

Me: 1 Hour


ordered signs from online

Me: 2 hours


Installed Signs at Battlefield

Nick B: 2 hours

Jack S: 1 hour

Me: 2 hours

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