Suveer’s Trenton & Haiti Project

Project Description:

The objective of my Eagle project is to help my beneficiary EducationWorks bring together the Trenton elementary school children from Wilson, Franklin and Cadwalader Elementary Schools to help children in Haiti. My project involves teaching the Trenton children about Haitian culture, history and geography during summer camp and organizing a carnival to help the Trenton children raise money for medicines, bandages, canned food etc for an orphanage in Haiti.

Education Works (the beneficiary) will collect money from sale of entry/game/food tickets for a Carnival that the Trenton children will participate in and the Boy Scouts Troop will help organize. The proceeds from these ticket sales will be used by Education Works to purchase items that will be donated to the Haitian Church.

The spirit of the project is for our Troop to take the role of assisting the Trenton children in their effort. An underlying objective is to let children of the Trenton district see the positive impact they can have on children significantly less fortunate than themselves. Education Works now hopes that there may be a sustainable relationship between the children of the Trenton schools and the children in Haiti that they are helping.

Work Sessions

Work Session 1 6/16/12
Jay Y 2 hours
Suveer 2 hours
Naveen 2 hours
Paul D 2 hours
Brad M 2 hours
Will S 2 hours
Zak N 1 hour
Hamza N 1 hour
Total 14 Hours
We worked together on posterboards and an iMovie on Haitian culture, geography, and history.

Work Session 2 6/21/12
Naveen 2 hours
Suveer 2 hours
Brad M 2 hours
Hamza N 2 hours
Zak N 2 hours
Will S 2 hours
Mary S 2 hours
Total 14 hours
We went to Trenton Presbyterian Church to present our work from Work Session 1 to the Americorps Teachers

Work Session 3 6/28/12
Suveer 2 hours
Naveen 2 hours
Anita W 2 hours
Zak N 2 hours
Hamza N 2 hours
Paul F 2 hours
Total 12 hours
We went to Cadwalader Elementary School to teach the kids in summer camp there about Haiti

Work Session 4     8/03/12
Suveer 4 hours
Naveen 4 hours
Brad M 4 hours
Michael R 4 hours
Jackson G 4 hours
Jay Y 4 hours
Sidhant S 4 hours
Deante C 4 hours
Chelten L 4 hours
Anita W 4 hours
Total 40 hours
Setting up, running, and cleaning up the carnival
Work Session 5 9/8/12
Suveer 2 hours
Nandini C 2 hours
Naveen B 2 hours
Anita W 2 hours
Total 8 hours
My brother, mother, Mrs. Wright, and I all went to Target and Walmart to shop for the supplies to give to the pastor for donation to the orphanage.
We bought various school supplies, hygienic supplies, medicines, clothes, and food/water.
Work Session 6
Suveer 1 hour
Nandini C 1 hour
Anita W 1 hour
My mom, Mrs. Wright, and I carried boxes up to Mrs. Wright’s car, so that they could be delivered to Bishop Noncent of the “First Haitian Church of God of Trenton” later that week.

Here is the newsletter that EducationWorks published in their Summer Newsletter regarding the project:

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