Scouting Forms

Here are links to important scouting forms
President’s volunteer service award- Use form to report service hours during a 12 month period. (first form at bottom of page)

Local Tour Permit – Local tour permits (for trips less than 500 miles away)

Long Distance Tour Permit – for interstate or long trips

  • Follow link above, save the Tour Plan PDF to disk.
  • Open in Adobe Reader (PC) or Preview (Mac).
  • Fill in the first page of the form. Most fields will auto-populate from the first page to subsequent pages.
    • Check all fields – some that don’t forward are # adults, # scouts and unit #.
  • Real signatures are not required on page 1, simply enter the full names of the needed people instead.
  • Save the completed form to disk (PC) or Print > Save as PDF (Mac) [on Mac, the values aren’t saved correctly without print to PDF].
  • Email to the the council.

Service Project Sign-In Form– Downloadable form. (It downloads after you click on it)

Annual Health and Medical Record – BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (replaces the old Class I, II, and III forms)

  • Part A and B must be filled out annually (used for most camping trips).
    • If you open/save the form using this link then you should be able to edit the PDF directly, fill out and save a copy for your scout (and yourself).
    • Open the PDF, click on a field and start filling in the form. You can tab between fields, you can click checkboxes on/off and yes/no columns.
    • Print the filled in form and sign the forms in the required places.
    • Save the form on your computer and it’ll be easy to update next September!
    • Please do NOT send the filled out forms via email, BSA policy discourages storing the forms electronically in a central location.
  • Part C (physical exam) must be filled out annually regardless of age (used for summer camp and high-adventure).
  • NOTE: other physical exam forms can no longer be accepted.
Vehicle Registration Information

  • This form must be filled out by new parents
  • Or whenever a family’s vehicles or insurance has changed.
  • It is kept on file for times when you drive scouts to/from events.

Troop Expense Form – This form is introduced in order provide a uniform recordfor all such payments – it is now required for all expense/reimbursement requests.

Troop Resource Survey Form – This form must be filled out by new parents. It aids the Troop Committee make best use of your services to help out our all-volunteer troop.

Behavior & Discipline Policy – This form must be signed by all new parents and their scout so that they are aware of Troop 43’s behavior and discipline policy.

  • While it is rarely the case that the policy needs to be enforced, it is important for parents and scouts alike to be aware that health and safety violations cannot be tolerated, and will be be handled per the attached policy. – Links to BSA forms from – Forms from Troop 10, Kansas City

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